Wide range of GPE  services could be classified as below:GPE


·       Tank Design


·       Pressure Vessel Design                                                                                           

·       Spherical Tanks                                                                                                                                    

·       Tall Towers


·       Heat Exchangers


·       Offshore Loading and Offloading Design and planning                                                                         

·       Jetty and Port survey and study

New tank CONSTRUCTION                                              

With 30 years of experience and product and services, GPE offers turnkey aboveground storage tank solutions designed and field erected to API-650, API-620 and AWWA D100 standards.


GPE provides tank calibration service, commonly known as "Tank Strapping" which is the procedure for measuring storage tanks, barges, ships, or any liquid bulk container to provide the necessary dimensions for capacity table calculations. GPE services are developed under the guidance of applicable API Standards for tank calibration.


GPE field installation teams can perform installations of floating roofs, seals, drains, geodesic domes, appurtenances, and most retrofits or modifications to aboveground storage tanks. Our product crews are specialists in this work and understand the many nuances of proper tank product installation.


GPE offers complete services for floating roof and seal repair and replacement. Our experienced field personnel have been leading the industry in floating roof and seal maintenance for over three decades. GPE can perform work on any type or brand of floating roof system that exists. We can help you assess your existing floating roof and determine the most economical method of getting it back into service while achieving your future service objectives including life expectancy, product compatibility, regulatory compliance, capacity optimization, and heel reduction objectives.

  • Fixed & Floating roof repairs
  • Primary and secondary seals for floating roof tanks
  • Floating Roof Drain & Oil Suction Systems
  • In-Service seal repair & replacements
  • Fittings and appurtenances


GPE offers outstanding technical expertise, service and a full range of proprietary products and services. As a full service company, GPE is able to move quickly and cost effectively on customer repair and maintenance needs. GPE provides routine maintenance service as well as special repairs and replacements required due to corrosion, deterioration, or damage from wind, fire or sinking of floating roofs. GPE has the technical expertise to evaluate the specific conditions and determine the most appropriate corrective action to be taken.All repair and maintenance work is performed in strict compliance with applicable safety requirements.

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